About Cathcart High School

Cathcart High School began when the doors for a non-denominational school opened in March 1879 in a wood and iron building opposite the present Dutch Reformed Church in Hemming Street. The school’s enrollment was 26 pupils—13 boys and 13 girls.

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Enrollments grew to 55 pupils in 1881. The new school buildings were erected and opened on 1 September 1900 in Barrack Street, the present school premises.
By 1949, the school enrollment had increased to 240 pupils and a new wing was added to the school.

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In 1952, the foundation stone for the Memorial hostel , honouring the fallen during World war II, was laid by the headmaster from 1939 to 1951, Mr W.A.Clarke . This hostel is now a junior hostel called the Annexe, housing 100 boarders.
The present Memorial hostel for senior boarders was opened on 14 April 1984 and now houses 130 boarders.

Mission Statement

Cathcart High School is a dual-medium of instruction combined school with the following objectives:


    Equal learning opportunities for all;
    A healthy, safe environment;
    A Christian value-system which allows for fairness to the
    religious beliefs of other religious groups;
    Pride in our school and uniform.


    High educational/academic standards;
    Extra-curricular activities;
    A high quality of educator staff members;
    Staff development/in-service training;
    Non-racist and non-sexist attitudes.


    Identify and develop leadership qualities in our learners;
    Instill a lifelong respect for and love of learning in our charges;
    Teach our learners good manners through example and instruction;
    Assist in developing healthy parent-child relationships;
    Develop healthy and open parent-educator relationships;
    Teach our learners and staff to appreciate and conserve the environment;
    Encourage our learners and staff to follow healthy and balanced lives.

Our Vision

To offer a safe learning environment in which we aspire:

  • To uphold the human rights of all stakeholders as protected by the constitution of South Africa.
  • To foster a non-discriminatory, non-judgmental acceptance of any differences which might exist between people in our school, community and larger society.
  • To treat all stakeholders with the respect which they deserve.
  • To assist learners to develop into responsible and productive members of the larger society.
  • To communicate effectively with community organisations and their members.
  • To instill in our learners a respect for others; their persons; beliefs; customs; culture and property.
  • To arm our learners with the lifeskills required to face the challenges of adolescence and adulthood.
  • To assist our learners and staff to develop feelings of self-worth, self-esteem, self-confidence and self-acceptance.
  • To promote respect for authority, our Government, our Constitution, our National Anthem, our Flag and all our National Symbols

Our Core Values

  • Punctuality, Accountability and Responsibility.
  • Respect for others, their property, beliefs , customs, dignity and individuality.
  • Pride in our uniform, school and self.
  • Fair and consistent application of rules.
  • Promotion of life skills.
  • Protection of teaching time.
  • Promotion of sound moral standards.
  • Diligent application of duties.
  • Respect for authority.
  • Integrity

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