On Saturday, 9 September, students of Cathcart High went to the Cathcart Community Church to help plant in the Church's garden with Mrs Wolmarans. Mrs Wolmarans had this to say about our students, "Your pupils were absolutely amazing today. They were helpful, fun and energetic, and did a lot of hard work, it was such a pleasure to have them at the workshop. They really deserve to be acknowledged for their commitment and their team work. Please thank them for their enthusiasm, we could never ever have done it without them."

Our students started with fixing the soil they'd been using to plant in the garden thereafter, they prepared the beds then they planted the seedlings. They were taught to make the compost and were taught about Permaculture, which is the type of agriculture they had pursued. "The most important thing I learnt today is teamwork," said one of the students, "I enjoyed the part where we had to put the mulch over the garden. It's like a blanket."

We, as Cathcart High, appreciate the work the M.A.D. Club does for the community. It shows us that we truly are "a small school with a big heart".





Writer: Yolanda Ntoyakhe

Publisher: Azangsuma Wulingminga