Athletics Day 2013

labore vs virtute

Everyone was so excited as the day began. Two teams from the school came out, Virtute and Labore. Both sides wanting to show how they could perform. As the day went on, the sun came raging out.

The teams marched down to the field… The cheerleaders and students excitedly wanting to show their opponents who was boss! Hearts were pounding as the dancing and singing began.

The events began.

Everybody cheered as their teams took their places! Labore sang at the top of their voices with Virtute following suit. The day grew hotter as the games continued. Learners racing across the field as if they were being chased by some kind of fire! Eventually both teams started to feel the pressure and the heat! Learners grew tired and voices grew softer.

When Mrs Maclaren put the scores on the score board…with a final drumroll...Virtute was scoring in at 1089 and Labore 989. Virtute won the day! Go Green!

Athletics Day 2011

On the 3 February 2011 the Cathcart High School Athletics Day was held. The competition is between the two houses, Labore and Virtute. Athule Hwele and Bonga Mvimbi conducted interviews with some of the athletes and this is how it went down...

1. How many races did you win?

Kamva Gude: "I ran in 3 races. The 100m, 200m and 400m, and I came in 1st, in all three!"
Sithembele Jobela: "I participated in 2 races. They were the 100m and 200m for the under 17 age group. I came 2nd in the 100m race and 1st in the 200m".
Nandipha Vananda: "I won 3 races...100m, 200m and 400m. "
Nangamso Makalima: "Well I ran 2 races. The 100m and 200m. I won the 100m and came in 2nd in the 200m."
Reeyo Venter: "2 runs, the 100m and 200m, and of course I came 1st in both runs."
Theo Bobo: "Only 1. The 200m for the under 18 group."

2. How did you feel to win/run?

Kamva Gude: "Happy and exited at the same time!"
Sithembele Jobela: "It felt good with all the fans screaming. It just could not get any better."
Nandipha Vananda: "It felt very good and I truly believed that God was by my side trough out my races."
Nangamso Makalima: "I felt very tired, but I was doing it for my team."
Reeyo Venter: "Happy, but mostly exciting."
Theo Bobo: "It felt awesome to hear the fans screaming for me."

3. Would you do it again for your team? If yes, why and if no, why not?

Kamva Gude:"Yes!" (straight to the answer)
Sithembele Jobela:"Yes I would...anytime."
Nandipha Vananda:"Yes I would,even if I don't make it in the top 3. Anything for my team!"
Nangamso Makalima:"Yes, definitely."
Reeyo Venter:"Of course, Labore all the way!"
Theo Bobo:"Yes, just to see Labore lose again!"

As you can see, the Atletics Day 2011 was once again a huge success with the candidates that we interviewed. Virtute, once again, taking the Trophy, and Labore walking away with the Spirit Trophy.